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Love and Kindness:

Chapter 1 (Perseverance): Allegro ma no troppo – Largo
The lightly paced melody in this chapter tells the story of Lady Lee’s difficult and challenging childhood. The woodwinds further accentuate the crudeness of the environment that circled her during her youth, and the perseverance she carried in her heart to overcome all obstacles. The eastern (Taiwanese) melody sets the time and space in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. The music warms up hinting Lady Lee’s marriage, motherhood, and lovingness towards all those around her. Finally, the music winds down as did she in the final stages of her life. The final timpani roll carries her spirit away while leaving her eternal warmth with us in our loving memories.

Movement II (Love and Kindness): Adagio

The relaxing piano melody sings the story of Lady Lee’s children. Her children received her endless love throughout the years and matured under her strong motherly wings. Little climaxes appear in the music describing her life attitude of positive thinking and never giving up.

Movement III (Allegro, Quarter note = 104 + rock)

The popular rock element in this piece of music sings of youth, passion, honesty and hard work. The Latin element tells us about the composer’s multicultural background and aspiration for a united global community. Under our contributions to adolescents, they shall further their future abilities, to give back to our society and global community.

About the composer:

Yi Chou was born in Taipei, Taiwan.
Son to a diplomat father and an educator mother, Yi Chou lived abroad for many years across many countries including Chile and Costa Rica during his childhood.
He started playing piano at age 5, performed for the first time at age 9, picked up the guitar at age 11, and recorded his first home album at age 16.
At age 17, he composed an original piece “Avlisia” and orchestrated it for symphonic choir and conducted it at the Melico Salazar Theater in San Jose, Costa Rica.
At age 18 he returned to Taiwan and started his music and guitar teaching career at “Player Music” in Taipei, where he later released the first guitar instructional DVD in the country.
At 19, he attended Berklee College of Music where he participated or formed music bands of all genres, some of which toured the North East of the United States and other countries in Latin America.
At 22, he produced his first studio album: “True Obsession”

At 23, he graduated from Berklee and returned to Taiwan to serve in the Nation Guard as a marine, to be a part of his motherland.
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